Decorating with Obelisks

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Architecture is a substantial component of interior design.  My brother in law is an architect, and I love listening to his insight on how architecture and interior design are related.  I'm not talking about the load-bearing-walls and other physical considerations of architecture as much as I am how various architects have influenced interior design (think van der Rohe, Eames, etc).  It is also interesting to see how architectural elements like obelisks can be used as decorative elements in a room.


Interior designers have used obelisks as decorative elements for many years.  This obelisk shelving piece is a such a chic way to show off a collection.  I guess black walls aren't earthshattering-ly new either!

House Beautiful from the 1960's

Mary McDonald uses green obelisks to make a strong entryway statement.

Mary McDonald in Veranda

Can you see the recessed obelisks in this long living room?  This room has quite a few strong pieces, so its muted color scheme works perfectly.

Nuevo Estilo via Coco and Kelley

In everyone's favorite Veranda, Miles Redd uses the straight lines of this pair of obelisks in contrast to the curves of the antique mahogany console table.

Miles Redd in Veranda

I always struggle with mantles, but a pair of obelisks anchors either end of the mantle in this cozy living room.

House Beautiful

Charlotte Moss uses architectural wallpaper and a pair of obelisks in this apartment entryway.

Charlotte Moss in Veranda

I recently saw some beautiful obelisks at Mrs. Howard in Charlotte.  This turquoise pair is to die for!

Mrs. Howard

Doesn't this large obelisk make a strong statement atop an antique desk?  The obelisk is a nice masculine counterpoint to the frenchy toile chair fabric and wallpaper.

Canadian House and Home

I am obsessed with Architect Design's pair of crystal obelisks that sit atop his coffee table.  They are perfect for an icy day like today! 

I have a brass obelisk (covered in little fingerprints, wow, nothing like a camera to show you reality) that sits on an end table in my living room.  I found it at Post and Gray, which, by the way is a great store to check out in Charlotte!

What do you think about decorating with obelisks?  Do you have one in your house?
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