Garrett Leight California Optical

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Research and video interview by Robert Boyer
Text by Dan Hasby-Oliver

Garrett Leight, owner of A. Kinney Court in Venice, California has just branched out with his own eyewear line, GLCO, which launches tomorrow, 15th January 2011. The son of Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight, who I interviewed last year, Garrett has produced a collection which is inspired by Venice locals and literary figures. The strong influence from authors Hunter S Thompson and Arthur Miller is evident in the light-weight frames that have a distinctive retro, classic American style. 

Hampton frame 

The frames, worn by locals for the look-book shots below, are a definitive word in understated style and luxury and bare no logo. This collection consists of four styles which are named after local streets (Rialto, Brooks, Hampton and Speedway) and each frame's core wire in the arm etched with the postal code for Venice Beach; 90291. 

Rialto frame 

In the video, Garrett explains his influences further as well as gives a peak behind the collection and look-book, which these image below are from. These just document the mens pieces, but the pretty unisex collection features styles for the girls too. 

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