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Mwezi bangle and triple ring  

MADE: By the People for the People is a brand I first saw at Estethica during the last London Fashion Week. Made in Africa, these pieces stopped me in my tracks as I walked past because they looked stunning as they shone in the late summer glare through the window. Thinking they were gold, plated at least, the recycled brass pieces have become a custom-made, ethical must have.

What first caught my attention was the chunky brass bracelet, above, thinking it was going to retail in the hundreds of pounds. I do like bracelets and this Mwezi one is probably the most masculine out of one collection designed by Hattie Rickards which is in the same style as the stunning grouped Mwezi rings which are equally well priced. With this in mind, it is great to see that whilst they have a policy of 'trade not aid' - which, like founder Cristina Cisilino, I strongly believe in - they do not charge exorbitant prices like many fair trade companies. 

Mchoro bracelet and Duara ring 

The pieces are designed by famous and notable designers or style influencers, such as Alexa Chung who designed the simple skull necklace below. Their pieces are then made from materials sourced from disadvantaged communities in Africa for which they are paid fairly and in doing so gives them a sense of empowerment and helps break the cycle of poverty.  

One of the most prominent MADE designers is Laura Bailey, former model and current Ambassador of Estethica, who created the two pieces above. I think the simplicity of the pieces accentuate the asymmetric design of the Duara ring and the spiked Mchoro bracelet that has a lot of attitude. Again, I have a love for interesting rings, usually in silver, but I would make an exception with this particular piece which is not expensive in the least. 

If you are looking for incredibly designed and highly affordable jewelry then MADE is the perfect destination. A handful of pieces are for guys, if not unisex, with these ethically designed pieces at the top of my fair-trade list. 

Skull necklace and multi-chain skull necklace
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