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I'm taking a little break from Friday Fancies this week to return to fabrics.

I recieved an email earlier this week asking me to watch the following and if ever I was inspired by something, this is it.

The creator of this project sent me the following gorgeous description of her developing movement...

"This project is born out of my need for coherence in this ever- changing world of fashion. To address things that were close to my heart, sustainability in our work, giving back to communities that made our designs possible and encouraging artisans to continue their age-old crafts that define us as humans. Wanting to use something that already existed, I wanted to work with the artisan not demanding what I designed but what he had already created. That is when I came across the Lungi.

The genius of this garment is in its simplicity. Rectangles that wrap the body in a variety of ways, lungis defy changes in size and body shape. This simplicity gives rise to a spectacular variety in textile design, inviting infinite elaboration of color and pattern, invented by the weavers using whatever threads they have available. It is endlessly adaptable and often reused once it is too threadbare to be worn as a lungi any longer. Across India, old lungis find new lives as pillows, pouches, ropes, lightweight blankets, hammocks for babies and more.

The idea of accepting what they made and using that acceptance as our design philosophy of this new product line excited me. That no two pieces would be the same as each lungi was only 2 meters long was the first challenge we faced, which turned into the most beautiful gift. Once we learned to accept the differences, we celebrated the uniqueness of each piece. Whenever we came across a knot in the fabric that we had been trained to see as an imperfection, now we saw it differently. Remembering how the artisan had stopped right there to knot the next spool of thread with his hands, we have come to cherish these knots that make this piece so human.

If I were to sum up the IOU Project I would say that it has been a study in the creation of a Prosperity chain; an experiment to rethink how goods are produced and sold in a way that benefits everyone."


Honestly, I find this video, this description, this idea to be the definition of beauty.
Here's a very small preview of what all of this thinking and doing is actually creating.

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Please do.
It will make you feel good.

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