Ede and Ravenscroft SS11 with Brighton Rock

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It will soon be The Oscars, February 27th to be precise, and it is us Brit's that will be, hopefully, sweeping up the famed golden statues. British cinema was, for decades, a shining beacon of excellence on the world stage yet after the close of many studios took its final bow. However, in recent years, with the help of funding from various sources, it has been revived with triumphs, although Royal themed, greats such as The Queen, The Young Victoria, The Kings Speech - and one that is far from the regal genre, Brighton Rock. 

Ede and Ravenscroft may be known more for their Royal patronage and formal outfitting but its style for ss11 is typically Mod, encapsulating what was great and good about the movements style. With wool, mohair and tonic finished suits offered alongside a typical frock coat, this time belted in line with the pinched, dressed-waist trend, it is the accessories which shine through to recreate the swinging, and turbulent, 1960s. 

Out this week, the film focuses on the well dressed Mods of Brighton in 1962 (an influence I saw in the new Burberry campaigns) which, whilst many interpretations have seen them in polo shirts and jeans, focuses on some sleek tailoring and seriously on-trend, skinny trousers. Although the original Brighton Rock, written by Graham Greene, was set in the 1930s, the Mod (and Rocker) movement was of huge cultural importance to the UK's teenagers. This form of identity gave societies youth a voice as it was a time when the term 'youth culture' was  beginning to enter the psyche and vocabulary and connotations towards the term began to emerge. 

 Knitted yellow spotted tie
 Original 1960s geometric print pocket square
Reversible blue paisley scarf
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